Thursday 18 June 2009

Sweat - feet and wheels

Liguria lifestyle takes on two wheels - Europe's longest and most scenic bike path, stretching between San Lorenzo al Mare and Ospedaletti (just a stone's throw from Bordighera on your way to Sanremo) is without a doubt a wonderful attraction. The old railway line was converted to make way for the bike path with a lane for pedestrians. The old railway stations were being converted into bars, restaurants and value for money hotels for backpackers. A bike hire facility by the path ensures that the whole family can enjoy it-bikes equipped with baby seats are available - all that for an affordable price. In addition to being an ideal way to visit the quaint sleepy villages, it is also also perfect for taking a leisurely bit of exercise.

Two wheels-super scooters If you prefer two motorized wheels there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a motorbike ride in glorious weather and you certainly won't be alone. Scooters, love them or hate them, are a significant part of Italian culture. They are a great way to beat the traffic on congested roads and you don't even always need to have a licence to ride one. It is possible to rent scooters and motorbikes if you simply fancy giving it a try.

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Two feet
- Let's walk from Balzi Rossi to Ventimiglia. The panorama is boundless and the salty sea breeze mingle with the fragrance of the flowers that brighten terraces and gardens.
We start at the Balzi Rossi Caves and the Museum of Prehistory - The area is made up of caves and crevices in which large numbers of animal remains and stone tools of the Palaeolithic Era have been preserved. Traces of the old Roman road's route are still preserved in this site. In summer there's a beautiful beach (look at the beachimage OUR WORK - it is the Balzi Rossi beach

Six wheels - The spectecular railway line that links Ventimiglia and Limone offers the traveller a landscape that winds attractively through a succession of meadows, pine forests, gorges and rivers that frame the enchanting villages set among the mountains. The extremely panoramic line can be used for special trips. Mountain bike enthusiasts can also load their bikes onto the train.

Sports - try to increase your ability to burn calories
Swimming 250 (crawl) - 300 (breaststroke)
Brisk walking 160
Running 250
Cycling, moderate 250
Bike, vigorous 350
Tennis 200
Squash 400
Golf 115
Having Sex 70 - 80

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